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Europe’s largest RO installation of FrieslandCampina in production

Projectmanager Technical Projects Henk Jonkman van FrieslandCampina: ‘Project Manager Technical Projects Henk Jonkman of FrieslandCampina: ” ‘We as project team had the assignment to increase the production capacity in Gerkesklooster from 52.000 tons of cheese to 93.000 tons of cheese. In Gerkesklooster they had two cheese lines and we decided to replace one cheese line by a bigger one and the whey of this new cheese line had to be processed by a Reverse Osmosis to 26% total solids in the whey concentrate.

In a short time we had to make a lot of choices, so that means that we often were choosing for obvious options. For delivery of the Reverse Osmosis we have chosen ALPMA. It was the first time that we were going to do a processing project with ALPMA, but the people of ALPMA made a very professional impression during the purchasing process what made it a logical choice for us.

After the purchasing processthe project teams from all disciplines started the detailed engineering. ALPMA has left the same professional impression throughout the whole project. The people knew very well where they were talking about and the performance on planning was accurate. The result is that we started up the Reverse Osmosis without any problems.

We would like to thank the project team of ALPMA for this good performance and we are happy to have a new very professional partner for processing solutions. ‘

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Distinctive projects Royal Aware

In recent months, two large projects of the Royal Aware food group have been granted to Alpma and Servidoryl in collaboration with Jongsma Engineering Solutions. We are very proud of this.

By using advanced membrane technology, the whey flow is concentrated within the Royal Aware / Alpma project by means of reverse osmosis. The installation will go into production at the end of 2018.

In addition, Servidoryl (part of Alpma) is currently working for Royal Aware on a strategic order for Edammer multimould cheese barrels. During production within Servidoryl completely new techniques are applied.

ALPMA preferred supplier Friesland Campina

In collaboration with Jongsma, ALPMA has obtained the status of preferred supplier at Friesland Campina. The German ALPMA is the market leader in innovative cheese production systems. For example, it supplies the Formatic and Coagulator that enable more efficient production.

Collaboration Novochem en In2Food B.V.

Jongsma was able to successfully participate in the start-up of the collaboration between In2Food B.V. and Novochem GroupConnection of two companies to reinforce each other.

Good cleaning applies good water treatment from SAMEN STERK.In2Food B.V. can connect you with Novochem Group for waterthreatment. Novochem Group can connect you with In2Food B.V. for good cleaning advice and cleaning agents and disinfectants.


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