Jongsma Engineering Solutions has entered into a new partnership with VidarWood. Vidarwood is a producer of high-quality cheese boards for cheese production and cheese processing.


VidarWood is a leading manufacturer and supplier of softwood products. With its two modern production locations, the European market is supplied with customer-specific semi-finished and end products.

One of VidarWood’s specialties is the production and further development of pinewood cheese maturing boards for the cheese industry. With years of experience, knowledge and research, VidarWood offers a wide range of cheese boards suitable for every specific customer demand. With these top products, practical problems such as bending, mold formation at knots, and leakage from the shelf are prevented. The keywords to success are:

1. Quality
2. Hygiene
3. Technical support
4. Long-term profitability

The widely known OST15® cheese boards are in high demand both within and outside Europe. The brand name OST15® refers to its Swedish origin. “Ost” is the Swedish word for cheese and recalls the first cheese board production line.

VidarWood cheese maturing boards with their guaranteed product quality are the direct answer to the stringent laws and regulations regarding food safety. With a wide range, continuous product innovations and maximum customer support, VidarWood contributes to developments and innovations within the cheese industry.

The European cheese industry is automating at a rapid pace and requires cheese board types that optimally match the new processing systems. This makes continuous development and innovations in the cheese board area crucial. With two in-house laboratories with facilities for strength, migration and durability tests, we continuously work on product optimization.

VidarWood Jongsma Engineering Solutions

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