Unique Lights

As the market leader in LED lighting, Unique Lights is the right partner for sustainability in the dairy industry.

Partnership, ambassador or collaboration; whatever name it gets, Unique Lights and Jongsma Engineering Solutions met in October 2019 and have since had an extensive joint portfolio.

And with reason; With more than 15 years of experience, Unique Lights is one of the first pioneers in sustainable LED systems. Where others dropped out, Unique Lights continued to innovate at a rapid pace and seized opportunities, resulting in where they are now: in the absolute vanguard in the field of LED lighting.

Unique Lights is primarily not a product selling entity, but a solution-oriented partner. We not only arrange the LED lighting, but also offer a complete turnkey solution from A-Z. From the first lighting plan to installation, and from advice to financing. In short, completely unburdened. As the market leader in LED lighting, Unique Lights is the right partner for sustainability in the dairy industry.

Turnkey arranged from initial plan to installation and maintenance.

Especially in the dairy industry a lot of profit can be made with LED lighting. Challenges surrounding HACCP, strict hygiene rules and scope can be sustainably solved through smart applications. For each project, we examine the location, the activities and the intended solutions together with you. To map these, we draw up a lighting plan and action plan. This way we can realize the best lighting for every project; the right lighting level everywhere in your company with possibly fewer luminaires than in a conventional existing situation. Our specialists will then carry out all work on your way to problem-free LED as agreed. From project management, installation and flawless delivery to maintenance. In this way we not only arrive at the most sustainable solution, we also choose the most economical solution for you.

Efficient implementation through optimal coordination in the preliminary phase.

In addition to a sustainable and affordable solution, LED lighting also offers many more benefits. For example, LED lighting makes a significant contribution to safety through better light and visibility and requires many times less maintenance. In addition, by being closely involved in the implementation, we can make the installation as smooth as possible. We look carefully in advance at how we can install the installation as efficiently as possible. Our knowledge of we use the dairy industry and the special issues associated with lighting here to work in a sustainable and budget-conscious way. Through optimal coordination in this preliminary phase, we can realize your switch to LED lighting without disrupting your daily activities and production.

Unique Lights Dairy Brochure

Unique Lights Brochure

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