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Sponsoring Cycle for Hope: Together against addiction

Jongsma Engineering Solutions sponsors the team of Rouveen Kaasspecialiteiten participating in Cycle for Hope, Rondje Nederland 2020, cycling 1,200 kilometers through the Netherlands in 48 hours in relay. The Revenue from Cycle for Hope supports addicts in their struggle for a new life.

Sponsoring DDDD: Helps talent and top athletes on their way

The DDDD collective supports the development of skating sport. That is why the 8 sponsors of the DDDD collective have chosen to support the Center for Top Sport and Education (CTO) in Heerenveen in a unique combination with the costs for transport. Through a joint contribution for a bus, the CTO is able to train its skating talents optimally at various locations.

Jongsma was a sponsor of the skating team at Desly Hill Institute

JJongsma Engineering Solutions is sponsoring the new team of Desly Hill Institute and is making a new Peugeot Boxer available for the 2017/2018 skating season for the Olympic dream of Sooerd de Vries and Vanessa Bitner, among others. In addition, Wietze Jongsma, together with sponsors Beenen Heerenveen and Oenema Oosterwolde, made it possible for the training camp to take place in Norway.

The fast delivery was made possible by FGD lease through Arne Brouwers.

On the first photo from left to right: Wietze Jongsma, Desly Hill (Trainer Coach), Arne Brouwers (General Director Car Group), Sjoerd de Vries (1000 and 1500 meter top skater). Sjoerd is the bus driver, who can be used multifunctionally for the entire team.

Jongsma, together with sponsors Beenen Heerenveen and Oenema Oosterwolde, also made it possible for the training camp to take place in Norway.

Medprevent Lippenhuizen (Manager Ronald Bullinga) is a sponsor of Sjoerd de Vries.

Jongsma and WSVO: Wieler Sport Vereniging Ooststellingwerf

There are many similarities between sport and business. The passion that people have to do well, want to improve themselves and the will to learn. Everyone at his own level wants his or her achievements to be recognized and seen. Sport and business do not differ in this respect.

Jongsma Engineering Solutions therefore sponsorsWSVO: Wieler Sport Vereniging Ooststellingwerf

WSVO is the association for touring cyclists on the road (race) and mountain biker (MTB) in Ooststellingwerf. The association was officially established on January 1, 2017 and stems from the merger of CyclOoststellingwerf and TFC ‘t Kamrad, MTB youth department.

Jongsma sponsors SV de Griffioen

Jongsma Engineering sponsors SV de Griffioen Oosterwolde.

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