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Wietze Jongsma is the key to defining customer needs.

As an acquisition and process manager I make connections between my clients from the dairy industry and my partners. With over 30 years of experience in the dairy industry, I have built up contacts at all company levels and a wide customer base. In the role of “game distributor” I enthusiastically give you access to the capital with which I distinguish myself: the enormous network and extensive experience that I have built up in the dairy industry. I embrace the idea that by sharing you are also able to multiply.

Careful handling of our relationships determines a large part of success. It is therefore important that trust is built up between the parties, so that a solid foundation can be laid for healthy business operations. This results in lasting and long-lasting collaborations. By combining this experience and knowledge, I make it possible for the needs of the customer to be mapped out quickly and clearly. I use short lines of communication in my network to share needs with the right people of my partners. This enables me to get started right away with an expert team and achieve appealing results. From budget applications to complete turnkey projects, I come to the right solutions with my teams. I facilitate, within complex project organizations as a connector and I remain closely involved with the customer even after the completion of the contract.

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With a study background in Food Technology and International Business & Management, and a lot of experience abroad, Stephan Jongsma (son of Wietze) has been involved in the business activities of Jongsma Engineering Solutions for quite some time. In recent years he has supported Wietze during an intensive period of many operations that Wietze had to undergo. During this period, Stephan has gained knowledge and experience with the working areas and the network of JES with the aim of playing an increasingly prominent role at the forefront of JES. In this way, continuity in JES business operations is guaranteed. As a result, Stephan nowadays works on a freelance basis as an all-round assistant to Wietze, and is now closely involved in various partnerships.

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Tel.: +31 (0) 6 13 90 25 03

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Frysk & Frij: valuable encounters on the Frisian lakes

The Frisian lakes: a wonderful part of the beauty of the Frisian landscape, the tranquility, unspoiled nature and beautiful views. Frysk & Frij is Wietze’s sloop that is often used to take undisturbed business relations. Enjoying the company, the water and the Frisian landscape, valuable conversations and ideas arise.

Wietze Jongsma Engineering waardevolle ontmoeteingen op de friese meren

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