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Wietze Jongsma

About me

Jongsma Engineering Solutions, “Wietze as a single-person”, is the key to defining customer needs.

With more than 30 years of experience in the dairy industry, customer contacts at all levels, and many meetings resulting in a broad network, I am able to identify customer needs quickly and clearly. By sharing these with the relevant people of my partners via the appropriate communication lines, we are able to get started immediately with a professional team. From budget requests to complete turnkey projects, we come up with the right solutions.

I am an experienced dairy man in heart and soul. I can deliver added value through my broad employability and accelerate where necessary.

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Meanwhile over 15 years self-employed, and proudly representing 6 (international) family-owned companies who supply innovative systems to the food- and dairy industry:

I have deliberately chosen to enter into partnerships with family businesses with a director / owner, instead of large (listed) companies.

The July 2020 edition of Friesland Post contains an extensive interview with me; Wietze Jongsma “Oil male in the Dairy”. Click here for the interview (in Dutch).

As an acquirer and process manager, I make connections at decision level between clients from the dairy industry and his partners. I facilitate, as a natural connector within a complex project organization, and remains closely involved with the customer even after the contract has been concluded. I have the role of a “game distributor” and enthusiastically give you access to the capital with which I stand out. Throughout my career, I have built up a broad network and a lot of experience in the dairy industry. I embrace the idea that by dividing you are also able to multiply. I am strong in combining qualities and thus create value for your company.

Within his network he fulfills his role as.

  • Architect
  • Booster
  • Maintainer
  • Developer
  • Connecting leader


  • Passion
  • Enthusiasm
  • Tenacious
  • Technical/Technological knowledge
  • Long-term relationships
  • Authentic
  • Available
  • Involved
  • Always looking for the most desirable solution

I earned my spurs as a manager and in commercial positions in the dairy industry from 1985 after my training at “De Suvelskoalle” in Bolsward.

Click here for the resumé of Wietze Jongsma.

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