Jongsma Engineering Solutions is the sole agent of Novochem Water Treatment, part of the Novochem Group. On the bases of thorough production-site scans, Novochem supplies custombased water management solutions. Novochem wages an innovative battle against pollution and equipment degradation in steamvessels and cooling-, processwater-, pasteurization-, sterilization- and membrane systems.

Foodsafe watertreatment against pollution

Water and steam is often used in the production of foodstuffs to add or remove heat. Here an adequate watertreatment is a top priority to prevent contamination of equipment and packaging materials with corrosion and waste deposits.

Carrying an extensive range of foodsafe products, Novochem Water Treatment is a specialist in the control of the sterilization-, pasteurization-, rinse and wash processes in the food industry. Resulting in an uninterrupted production process and a clean and attractive end-product.

Eventually water used in production- or cooling processes will be discharged. If this water is too contaminated cleaning with a physical-chemical procedure is a good solution.
An optimal separation is achieved with Novochem Water Treatment flaking components.

Fewer production stops
Chemical additives used in watersystems to avoid corrosion and contamination are often less biodegradable and bad for the environment. In response Novochem developed in 2004 ‘ Novo Traqua’. This innovative technology has been named as the best available bringing environmental advantages without increasing costs. The use of Novo Traqua increases the yield of an installation and minimizing the amount of necessary production stops.

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