JB Besturingstechniek

Since 2004 Jongsma Engineering Solutions BV is the sales-manager for JB Besturingstechniek (JB Operating system technology). JB brings to the market a complete solution for industrial automation including the use of advanced camera technology. Central in all this are the clients needs and wishes.

In cooperation with JB Besturingstechniek, Jongsma Engineering Solution developed three innovative control systems for the production process in the dairy-and food industry. All operating systems are custombased.

Three kinds of camera control systems
Food QA Vision
High-quality camera control system for the food industry. The systems checks seams, bottom imprinting and the quality of seals. The control on seal-quality is a brand new feature of the JB service and an absolute breakthrough in the powder packaging industry.

Cheese QA Vision
High-quality camera control system for the cheese industry. This system enables the monitoring of every individual cheese in the factory. Through camera technology every possible anomaly in the cheese is automatically noticed. You’ll be amazed by the possibilities.

RTM OEE (Realtime Management Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
This system continuously monitors the efficiency of production lines and reports on areas where improvements can be made.

An investment in QA Vision and RTM OEE will pay for itself within 2 years
QA Vision and RTM OEE will detect every anomaly in a product so it can immediately be removed or adjusted. This enables early detection of shortcomings in the product and prevents large outtakes of product.

This camera technology improves on quality control and saves on labour costs. Through a significant increase in the efficiency of your product line, JB Camera control systems usually pay for themselves within 2 years.

Sponsor speed skating marathon
Wietze Jongsma is no stranger in the world of speed skating. Jongsma Engineering Solutions in cooperation with JB Operating system technology, has been a faithful sponsor of the Groningen Speed Skating Marathon Foundation under which Team JB Operating system technology resides.
For a period of two years he was also the business representative of the Olympic-and world champion speed skating Shani Davis. Read all about there top achievements on www.teamjbbesturingstechniek.nl.

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