Jongsma Engineering Solutions is commercial consultant for Breman Zwolle BV. Breman is a valuable partner in installation.

Breman Installation Group is a family business founded in 1925. The company now has up to 40 independent companies that operate in the Netherlands and Germany.

Innovative installation
Breman Zwolle is a versatile, experienced installation specialist. The company provides and maintains high quality and durable mechanical and control installations within the utility sector. This includes sanitary techniques heating technology, air conditioning technology, refrigeration and control technology. Since its inception in 1973 Breman Zwolle has built an extensive clientele. The clients are from the healthcare, education, industry and real estate. Breman Zwolle is ISO 9001, BRL 6000 scope 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, SCIOS- F-gases and VCA ** – certified aand has hect high value on sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Remarkably, the staff since 1972 have as much control over the property as shareholders. This makes Breman a very involved and service-oriented enterprise. Breman combines knowledge with small-scale advantages. Jongsma Engineering Solutions is impressed by the vision, commitment and professional competence of Breman. Since 2014 acts Jongsma as commercial advisor for Breman.

Jongsma and Breman share their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm with you. Business is for us to share, dare and do

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