Jongsma Engineering Solutions is commercial consultant for Breman Zwolle BV. Breman is a valuable partner in installation.

Breman Utility

Breman Utiliteit is a versatile and experienced installation specialist. We design, realize, maintain and manage high-quality and durable mechanical, electrical, climate and control installations within the utility sector.
Comfort, energy and cost control are central to this. For a total concept from advice and design to realization and maintenance: Breman Utiliteit is happy to be your partner.

Unburdening our clients is our priority. Breman Utiliteit has high-quality knowledge of building-related installations. This knowledge is applied in offices, schools, industry, sports facilities, care centers, collective installations in residential buildings and other commercial real estate. We apply innovative solutions from design to maintenance and management, with a maximum focus on the circular economy.

Breman Non-Residential, location Zwolle has approximately 190 committed employees who would like to go a step further in their services. Continuity, innovation and sustainability go hand in hand with us. We work in a socially responsible manner on the future of our installation company.

Reference projects

Breman Utiliteit realized installations for Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, the Zwolle City Office, the PEC stadium, the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, various locations of the Landstede Group, Hotel Pulitzer in Amsterdam, City Hall Maastricht, Abbott Laboratories Zwolle, Sportzalencentrum Activum in Hoogeveen and Residential Care Complex Margaret.

Breman Installation group

Breman Non-Residential is part of the Breman Installation Group; a nationally operating group of specialized installation companies in the field of home management, housing construction, utility construction, chimney technology and roofing. The Breman Installation Group is a family business founded in 1925. The company now has 36 independently operating branches and approximately 1,700 employees in the Netherlands and Germany.

The Breman Installation Group has had a unique form of control since 1972. In this ‘Breman-System’, the employees have just as much say over the property as the shareholders. This also means that the employees of the Breman Installation Group are entitled to 50 percent of the company’s profit. This unique structure creates a strong bond between organization and employees, and that also works to the benefit of the customer.

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