Jongsma Engineering Solutions is partner of the German ALPMA, which is the market leader in innovative cheese production and membrane systems. For example, ALPMA supplies the Formatic and Coagulator that enable the most efficient cheese production, but also the best micro-perforated cheese molds for your production process. ALPMA has several subsidiaries, including AlpmaSulbana and Servi Doryl. For these companies, Wietze Jongsma provides you with information and access to the latest developments.

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ALPMA Innovative cheese production systems

ALPMA, the Germany based market leader in cheese production systems, supplies innovations like the Formatic and the Coagulator to increase efficiency in production.

The Formatic: ideal when often changing between cheese sorts.

In The Formatic the curd and whey is directly pressed into the cheese-vessel instead of into separate systems. In doing so the separate curd/whey column in conventional systems become redundant. So these columns need no longer be drained before changing between sorts of cheese. This eliminates the whole mix zone and the production of mixed cheeses. This innovation shortens the production line and is therefor extremely useful in productions where one changes the sort of cheese very often.

The Coagulator: Going from batch-wise to continuous cheese production.

The Coagulator is a continuous cheese-process and no longer works in batches. By putting various segments into the 80 meter long production line, it becomes an uninterrupted process in one enclosed area. Result: more efficiency with less manpower. One person can operate the entire line.

A further 40% reduction in production space is accomplished by implementing the revolutionary innovation of using horizontal pressure on multiple rotated cheese-vessels.

Testing ALPMA Membrane technology with a pilot installation

ALPMA supplies complete membrane technology production systems. Membrane technology enables the extraction of more high quality components from milk then you ever thought possible.
Before investing in such a system and to make sure it performs to your expectations you can rent a complete pilot-installation through Jongsma.

More than what was recently held possible, the ALPMA Membrane technology enables the development of many low-fat and non-fat components from milk. In addition this technology will improve your production process, prevent waste products and putting your company in the vanguard of the food-and dairy industry.

ALPMA utilizes:
*Revered osmoses: for water separation
*Ultra-filtration: separations on a molecular level (for instance in the case of WPC production)
*Microfiltration: removal of bacteria
*Nano-filtration: desalination


In order to change whey from a mere by-product to a profitable component, ALPMA CreamoProt technique puts the valuable components of whey back into the cheesemilk. Using this technique results in such a creamy tasting whey that it can partly replace the more expensive milk in the cheese and so enabling the production of low-fat products with the same creaminess and taste.
In a nutshell ; by creating more value and maintaining quality giving a great boost to profits.
This will enable you to get a full return on your investment within 2 or 3 years.

ALPMA’s membrane service

Alpma offers the customer certainty in case of calamities at the membrane installation. The free storage of customer- and application-specific membranes at Alpma saves the customer time, storage costs and energy and at the same time increases the production reliability of installations.

How does the membrane service work? Alpma develops a carefully tailor-made offer for the desired membrane modules. After placing the order, the membranes (upon receipt from producer) will be stored at Alpma under the correct conditions in Dresden, and ensure that they are available to the customer at all times within 3 working days. This allows sudden production problems to be dealt with in the very short term.

Servi Doryl the best in Cheese Vessels

French based Servi Doryl is an ALPMA subsidiary specialising in micro perforated cheese vessels. Jongsma gladly brings you up to date with the latest possibilities for your company. Click here for more information about Servi Doryl.

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