Air Quality Process

Jongsma Engineering Solutions is a partner of the companies Air Quality Process and Safrair, two subsidiaries of the QUALIT’AIR holding company.

We provide you tailor-made solutions from coagulation till packaging, and for every type of cheese : specialty cheeses (soft/semi-soft, hard, blue…), pasta filata, fresh or processed cheeses.

Thanks to our expertise in air-flow management and our unique air-conditioners, you will enjoy the highest sanitary safety ; all our range of air-conditioners (floor/ceiling, washing by CIP or manually) is USDA approved for use in dairies.

Moreover, our global solution usually generates major energy savings respect to classical conceptions.

Concerning aging rooms, in addition to the classical functions (control of temperature, hygrometry, fresh air inlet, ammonia control), we can offer you convertible units to give you more flexibility to answer the evolution of your needs and/or to have mixed rooms rather than mono-function rooms. We are also able to provide you small and convertible units perfectly fitted to your R&D cells.

Their philosophy is to work in partnership with our customers, which means providing you in-depth studies, making recommendations or detailed diagnostics of the air (existing factories) to improve the sanitary level when possible, verification of performances and/or training after commissioning (interactions between the air and cheeses).

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