De Zilveren Bal: Thank you for a great evening!

De Zilveren Bal: Thank you for a great evening!
19 April 2022 JES

On Wednesday 16 March, the Elfstedenhal was the setting for spectacular sprint competitions, in which a nice mix of national and international top skaters together with an enthusiastic audience were the ingredients for a wonderful evening of sprinting. We look back with great enthusiasm on the first edition of the VIP Lounge in the central area.

Wietze, as proud chairman of the board of the foundation, looks back on a very successful edition in which major steps forward were taken with the impressive commitment of the management. It was the Dutch ladies who were in control all evening. In each round Femke Kok, Dione Voskamp and Anna Boersma were the three fastest over 100 meters. In the final, Dione Voskamp, ​​with a time of 10.50, came out on top. With the men it was Ronald Mulder, who said goodbye to the skating world during De Zilveren Bal, who recorded the fastest time in the first round. He stranded in the semifinals, in which the Norwegian Magnussen and the Italians Rosanelli and Nenzi were too fast for him. In the final, Magnussen beat the Italians and took the win. On behalf of the organization we congratulate Dione Voskamp and Bjørn Magnussen with the victory!

We hope you enjoyed this new set-up, the atmosphere and decoration before and after the match. We would like to thank all guests again for your presence. The official aftermovie of De Zilveren Bal 2022 is online. If you haven’t seen it yet, click below to view it. The enthusiasm of the public, the skaters and sponsors gives us energy to look ahead to the next edition of De Zilveren Bal. Traditionally, we want to be the smashing season finale. As soon as the international calendar is known, we will take our place in the calendar and we would love to see you again at the world’s fastest skating show!

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