ALPMA News & Trends: ‘Smart Factory’ approach for Ausnutria

ALPMA News & Trends: ‘Smart Factory’ approach for Ausnutria
19 April 2022 JES

The latest edition of Alpma’s News & Trends focuses on the completed UF project at Ausnutria, the new ‘Smart Factory’ approach. ALPMA has realized a completely new UF-WPC production line for the impressive new powder factory of Ausnutria in Heerenveen, for the processing of goat whey into WPC. Special emphasis was placed on the interconnection of all automated components based on IoT.

Ausnutria aims to have a “lights out manufacturing unit” for all its new production facilities, i.e. a largely fully automated process installation.

The heart of the new process is a UF installation, which is designed for automatic start-up and production. Regarding durability, product loss at the end of production is minimized. The water demand during cleaning is kept to a minimum. The turnkey project delivered by ALPMA’s Process Technology division includes not only the UF plant but also the entire periphery.

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