Air Quality Process: Advantages over traditional air conditioning

Air Quality Process: Advantages over traditional air conditioning
19 April 2022 JES

Since the first presentation of a USDA-accepted hygienic air conditioner, the French company Air Quality Process (AQP) has become a specialist in the equipment of cheese dairies. The concept developed by the family business was considered a true revolution. It is based on specially designed units that can be cleaned completely CIP and thus increase food safety.

Today, AQP supplies complete ventilation and air conditioning systems for cheese dairies worldwide. A customer of AQP is the Dutch goat cheese maker Bettinehoeve, part of the Emmi group. Chris Broers, head of technology and production at Bettinehoeve, summarizes his experience with the equipment: “Compared to conventional air conditioning, the AQP systems ensure that air is distributed evenly and homogeneously, resulting in a minimum standard deviation of the products. Due to the constant humidity in the whole room, we have a uniform product quality, also the water loss during ripening is greatly reduced.

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