Day of the Entrepreneur

Day of the Entrepreneur
16 December 2021 JES

Entrepreneurs deserve a day when they are thanked for their courage and perseverance. That is why MKB Nederland has designated the third Friday of November as the ‘Entrepreneur’s Day’. This year MKB Noord celebrated this day, which fell on Friday 19 November, by surprising various entrepreneurs in the North with a visit. Representatives from the government and industry organizations also attended these visits.

In Friesland, Robert-Jan Hageman, regional manager Friesland at VNO-NCW MKB Noord and VNO-NCW Noord chairman Sieger Dijkstra visited companies that have had a lot of trouble with the Covid measures. “We want to put these companies in the spotlight, because they can use all the support,” says Dijkstra. This is how Wietze Jongsma, owner of Jongsma Engineering Solutions, has also been put in the spotlight and has managed to get through a difficult period.

“Entrepreneurs are the engine for broad prosperity in our villages, cities and the rest of the (Northern) Netherlands”, says chairman of MKB Noord Joyce Walstra. “Many entrepreneurs have gone through a very tough period in which they had to stop or adjust their activities. A period in which real entrepreneurship was necessary to survive. We should certainly not take that for granted. We want to give this enthusiasm of the SME the extra appreciation it deserves on this day!”

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