The 100th Coagulator is on the road!

The 100th Coagulator is on the road!
7 August 2021 JES

52 years ago, the pioneering development of the coagulator revolutionized the continuous cheese production and is still the flagship of the ALPMA portfolio.

The high-performance system processes more than 100,000 pounds of milk per hour – with the best quality and optimum yield. The Coagulator is the only continuous cheese curd preparation system in the world. The exact size of the curd and its gentle processing ensures maximum process consistency with minimum losses. All these advantages strengthen the competitiveness of our customers in the long term.

A key success factor is the adaptability to the customer’s technology and requirements. For ALPMA as a manufacturer of customized equipment for the food and cheese industry, this is a key … Now the 100th Coagulator will soon leave our assembly halls and set off on a journey to a well-known customer in the south of Europe.

Jongsma Engineering Solutions congratulates ALPMA with this milestone. We would also like to thank our customers for their many years of loyalty and trust in our solutions. We would like to thank all ALPMA employees who have been involved in the development and advancement of the Coagulator and who have contributed to the success of ALPMA.


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