Sponsor news: From talent to world top

Sponsor news: From talent to world top
25 September 2020 JES

Jongsma supports ice skater Klaas Meekma in his journey from talent to world topper. Klaas is a young talented ice skater from Woudsend and has worked for Omke Jan in recent years. This year he is taking his final pre-university examination at the top sports talent school OSG Sevenwolden in Heerenveen. Because he has the ambition to become a world top ice skater, he does not have the time to finance his sporting dream, in addition to his school and training.

Together with the Dorstige Koopmannen van Omke Jan, a great sponsor collective has been created to help Klaas on his way and to sponsor him for the next two years. In addition, the sponsor collective Klaas will also provide business support.

Jongsma ondersteunt schaatser Klaas Meekma


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