Air Quality Process: the importance of air quality is greater than ever

Air Quality Process: the importance of air quality is greater than ever
25 September 2020 JES

Air Quality ProcessMore than ever, the control of health risks is a fundamental requirement of modern societies, especially in the sensitive field of food. AIR HYGIENIC SAFETY is a key issue to be addressed in order to secure your cheese production.For more than 30 years, Air Quality Process has been supporting its customers in the food and beverage industry to offer them air handling solutions around the world:

  • Audit of existing production sites to identify sources and vectors of contamination (in particular air/fluids/personnel & procedures/equipment/building) with submission of a recommendation report to limit your risk of contamination.
  • Design, manufacture and implementation of customized hygienic air conditioning solutions.

Food safety requires comprehensive air flow management; the Air Quality Process solution is based on specific principles, air conditioners and diffusion ducts, and is the safest system for food production subject to the humidity of materials and frequent washing.

Air Quality Process has been designing and installing tailored air conditioning units that satisfy the most stringent hygiene requirements, making it the ONLY air conditioning units that are CIP cleanable and USDA approved. The USDA approval issued for the whole of our range of air conditioning units attests to the very high level of health security, which is unparalleled.

Our expertise in terms of air handling, which integrates the perfect control of air flow management on a factory scale and the over pressuring of your sensitive clean rooms, is recognised today by an international clientele from the agri-food industry and, more specifically, the cheese industry.

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