28 May 2020 JES

Friesland Post

In the next edition of Friesland Post, an interview with Wietze Jongsma “from” little brat” to a real connector “will appear.


In the coming weeks it will soon become clear whether and when the 7th edition of the annual DDDD event (Think, Share, Dare, Do) will take place. If all circumstances allow, we can be sure about one thing, it promises to be a unique edition.

New website Servi Doryl

The completely renewed Servi Doryl website will be launched in June 2020.

De Zilveren Bal

As chairman of the board of the De Zilveren Bal Foundation, Wietze Jongsma is closely involved in the organization and strategy of the fastest speed skating event in the world. Despite the uncertain Corona time, preparations for the 2021 edition have already started. The Silver Ball 2021 is scheduled for March 10, 2021 (following the World Cup final March 6-7 in Thialf) in the Elfstedenhal in Leeuwarden.

Focus for the 2021 edition is the professionalization of the business arrangements. Tournament director and initiator Jan Ykema indicates that the tournament wants to offer more space for VIP guests with more different possibilities. In addition, the focus on recording international skaters will be continued.

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