Another knee surgery and rehabilitation for Wietze Jongsma

Another knee surgery and rehabilitation for Wietze Jongsma
28 May 2020 JES

In the previous newsletter we already mentioned that complications have arisen again after the last knee surgery by Wietze. The specialists at the Martini Hospital Groningen have now made an intensive long-term treatment plan to combat the complications and get Wietze mobile again.

The knee prosthesis is surgically removed on 3 June. After that, Wietze will stay in the Martini hospital for 2 weeks, where the infection will be fought in the knee by infusion. In the 6 weeks after surgery, Wietze must move in a wheelchair so as not to strain the knee. After this 6-week period, another operation follows in which the new prosthesis is placed. This will be followed by a long-term rehabilitation process, which hopefully will result in Wietze being able to walk painlessly again by the end of 2020.

Despite the physical setbacks of Wietze, the business activities of Jongsma Engineering Solutions continue as usual!

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