De Zilveren Bal: organization in full swing and sponsor news!

De Zilveren Bal: organization in full swing and sponsor news!
24 January 2020 JES

As a board member of Stichting De Zilveren Bal, Wietze Jongsma is closely involved in the organization and strategy of the fastest skating event in the world on 11 March in the Elfstedenhal in Leeuwarden. On January 22, the board and management (including tournament director Jan Ykema) of De Zilveren Bal met at the Wietze Jongsma office for a strategy meeting.

Jongsma Engineering Solutions Zilveren Bal

Sponsor news: Holland Casino sponsor De Zilveren Bal
Holland Casino Leeuwarden will be one of the main sponsors of De Zilveren Bal, the world’s fastest skating show. “This collaboration offers new opportunities to take the visitor experience to a higher level,” said tournament director Jan Ykema.

Visitors can win great prizes this year during the anniversary edition of De Zilveren Bal. Upon entering, visitors can predict which skaters will win the tournament and in what time they will do so. The correct predictions are rewarded with great prizes, including an overnight stay in a Holland Casino city of your choice including play money. For more information click here.

In addition to this main sponsor, ALPMA, Cono Kaasmakers and Jongsma Engineering Solutions have also joined De Zilveren Bal as a sponsor

Sponsor a skater
The skaters are the artists of the show. It is now possible to sponsor one of the best skaters in the world during De Zilveren Bal. Through your sponsorship we can create certainty for the skater and reimburse expenses. We ensure the perfect connection between you and this athlete. If you sponsor a skater, we give a lot of attention to this; via a press release, on social media and of course during the event on 11 March For more information click here.

Club of 100 meters
Do you support De Zilveren Bal and do you want to support the world’s fastest skating show? It is possible! For only € 100 per year you contribute to the development of the sprint tournament and enjoy the benefits as a member of our club. The 100-meter club is interesting for both individuals and companies. The benefits: Two regular entrance tickets for De Zilveren Bal,
mention it on the website of De Zilveren Bal and you will regularly receive the De Zilveren Bal newsletter with the latest information. For more information click here.

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