Novelty at Novochem Water Treatment

Novelty at Novochem Water Treatment
12 December 2019 JES

Water treatment products without danger symbols

Water-carrying systems in the dairy industry often have to do with the so-called treatment triangle consisting of microbiology, corrosion and lime deposits. Water treatment chemicals are used to reduce operational risks from these three problem areas. When handling these water treatment chemicals, safety measures must often be taken.

Novochem Water Treatment, which is already known for their sustainable NovoTraqua inhibitors, has recently also added NovoClean Ox. As a result, Novochem Water Treatment is now the first water treatment company that can offer water treatment for the entire treatment triangle, without any danger symbols. Something that the dairy industry has been looking forward to for years!

Possible applications include the reuse of evaporative condensate or RO permeate as a make-up water for cooling towers or process water.